Master Chef Renzo Rogers

Renzo Rogers

Brief Info Summary

Date of Birth: 08 / 07 / 1980

Education: High - Chicago Culinary Academy.

Experience: Montero Restaurant, Vincent Pizza, New York Steak House

Skills: Management, Organization, Author's Cuisine, Professional Cook

Life Journey Way to Success

Renzo Rogers began his journey to culinary excellence 15 years ago after graduating from the Chicago Cookery Academy with honors. After graduation he worked for a long time abroad in various restaurants, gaining experience. After 10 years, he had return to his hometown, to take lead the kitchen in our restaurant, what has been successfully engaged in the past 5 years. The winner of many culinary competitions, has many awards and is currently working on his own author's menu. He also repeatedly participated in cooking shows across the country.

In addition to his work in our restaurant, Renzo Rogers conducts master classes in cooking various dishes. He is the author of his own book of recipes from Chef. Takes part in international social programs on healthy nutrition. His professional teamwork skills helped to create a wonderful atmosphere in the kitchen. He treats his subordinates as relatives, due to which he has considerable authority among his team.

Moments of Pride Wining Awards

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