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Renzo Rogers

Master Chef Renzo Rogers

Renzo Rogers began his journey to culinary excellence 15 years ago after graduating from the Chicago Cookery Academy with honors. After graduation he worked for a long time abroad in various restaurants, gaining experience. After 10 years, he had return to his hometown, to take lead the kitchen in our restaurant, what has been successfully engaged in the past 5 years. The winner of many culinary competitions, has many awards and is currently working on his own author's menu.
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Scotty Mason

Sous-Chef Scotty Mason

Scotty Mason studied at the academy together with a chef Renzo Rogers. They became friends from the first course and have since they stick together. According to this, when Renzo Rogers headed the kitchen of our restaurant, he called for the post of his assistant an old friend, in whose professional skills he was no less certain than in his own. Four years Scotty had helping make our restaurant one of the best of its kind in Chicago. The team appreciates him for his skills and friendly approach to his colleagues.
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Brittney Hall

Fish Master Brittney Hall

Britney Hall moved with her husband to Chicago in 2017. By this time, she had already worked in several Japanese and European restaurants, which give her excellent recommendations and feedback. There she learned the skill of cooking fish and a better specialist, than she, you will did not find in all of Chicago. Any fish in her hands turns into a culinary work of art. In next year she planning to get in for Fish and Sushi Cook competition, that will take place in New York. And we are sure, that she will take a 1st place.
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Johnny Garnett

Desserts Master Johnny Garnett

Johnny Garnett came to us recently. In 2018, due to numerous requests from our customers, we decided to add desserts to the menu. It was then, after a thorough competition, this young specialist joined our team. Despite the young age of Johnny, he is one of the best dessert's cooking specialists in Chicago. Johnny is skilled professional, and his work has earned many awards at competitions within the state. But the main award is the sympathies of our customers who adore Johnny and his desserts.
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Roberto Bourke

Master of Meat Roberto Bourke

Roberto Bourke grew up on a farm, so from an early age he had to deal with meat. From his father and grandfather, he learned quite a few recipes that were transmitted in his family through generations, and also mastered practical skills in working with meat, which later became very useful for him at the culinary academy and after it, when he began working in restaurants. In our team, he has been practically since the opening of the restaurant and it is thanks to him that our steaks are the best in Chicago!
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