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How to select wine

In this article we will teach you to choose best wine. At first we must learn to determine which wine is suitable for what kind of dishes. We will start from learning wine history, how it made and how this awesome drink helps to reveal the taste of food. In our time we have red wine, white wine, rose wine, fruit wine, mead and also many variants of wine based drinks. Eaсh wine is best for different meal...

Master Class

In this video master class you will learn, how to create tasty and awesome meal in your own kitchen. Our Chef will explain you some secrets of cooking and serving famous dishes. In today's lesson we will cook grilled fish with sweet and sour sauce and fresh vegetables. For this we need new potatoes, sea bass steak, frozen shrimps, lingonberries and viburnum for the sauce. At first step we will wash potatoes...

New Vegetarian Menu

We love all our clients. So we had decided to add this new menu for our clients, who prefer vegetarian meal instead of meat. This new menu will also be interesting for those who want to add variety to their meal. It will include a variety of dishes prepared without the use of animal products. Cooked exclusively with vegetable or olive oil. Some dishes may include not only vegetables, but also fish or another...

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Our Steakhouse orient not only on beefs and other kind of meat. We also care about our vegetarian clients, so we can offer to you wide range of fresh salads, grilled vegetables, desserts and more!