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22 May
Fresh Summer Cocktails

Summer season began! So we are happy to introduce you our new cocktail menu. There you can find traditional cocktails, like Daiquiri, Margarita and new items...

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17 May
Spring Grill Party

Winter is out and we began our Spring Grill Party! That means new promo actions for our grill menu, much fun, open air parties and many other things...

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15 May
History of Whiskey

Whiskey is classic male drink. It has a long and sometimes hard history. This is one of most famous worldwide drinks that associates with gangsters and ...

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05 May
Desserts Master Class

In this new master class from our master of desserts Johnny Garnett we will show you how to cook desserts in your own kitchen fast and easily. But at first...

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30 Apr
Summer Ground

Hot weather is coming. We know, that there is nothing more perfect, than fresh smoked meat on the open air. So we are glad to introduce you opening our new...

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02 May
New Vegetarian Menu

We love all our clients. So we had decided to add this new menu for our clients, who prefer vegetarian meal instead of meat. This new menu will be...

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25 Apr
Introducing Breakfasts

As we know - breakfast is a main thing of the day. It is in the morning we need to get energy for the whole day. So soon we will offer you new awesome menu...

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22 Apr
How to Select Wine

In this article we will teach you to choose best wine. At first we must learn to determine which wine is suitable for what kind of dishes. We will start...

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23 Apr
Master Class

In this video master class you will learn, how to create tasty and awesome meal in your own kitchen. Our chef will explain you some secrets of cooking and serve...

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